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Joel Stoffer and FORMSOURCE


Formsource is a professional design and project management service for residential home additions, and remodels.   


After more than 20 years as a designer and builder of custom furniture, built-in cabinetry, kitchens and bathrooms, Joel has acquired a wealth of knowledge and resources that make a design/build company the natural next step.  He has compiled a list of committed, experienced and trusted contractors, as well as a core of engineers, who are all dedicated to achieving the goals of the client. 


With a keen ability to connect and communicate, Joel can visualize a home that accurately represents the client both in functionality and personality.  Working with you to refine your needs and clarifying how a carefully thought out, new home best suits your lifestyle is vital to the process.


Being able to imagine space and form is key to any designer’s success.  What sets Joel apart is his passion as an artist.  With any given space, empty lot, field or hillside, the urge to marry earth with structure and identify the quintessential design for the two, is unstoppable.  His wife and son can attest to this compulsive dreaming (at occasionally inappropriate times), but it has served him well helping those who seek the ideal change to their living environment.


Good architecture is inspiring.  It is a reflection of who we are and how we perceive the world, and should always maintain respect for the environment.  Formsource is committed to sustainable design and using certified sustainable materials whenever possible.  Keeping up to date on the latest products and theories on how best to minimize our impact on the environment is critical.  When architecture is connected to the earth in this way, a simple synthesis of design can arise.  This is how Formsource approaches each project from start to finish.


As it gains a foothold in the industry and makes a mark on the design world, Formsource is ready to assist you with your vision for a better home. 

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